MS Access® apps
migration & rock-solid support

Many organisations rely on applications designed by end-users. They spent time & effort to fulfill their business needs, often using MS Access® or equivalent 4th generation languages.
Still in use, these apps became & remain business critical, hence require rock-solid support.

Time & again, organisations seek our support when faced with one of the following issues:

  • Application evolves beyond the limits MS Access® can handle
    such as the number of users or the size of the database
  • Loss of or risk of losing designer of the application
  • Designer can no longer handle increased complexity or meet modern expectations, cloud & web opportunities in particular

BA-Core framework

To upgrade MS Access® apps, business applications recently designed the BA-Core framework.
This powerful development framework features

  • the ultimate in development efficiency
  • an unparallelled UX/User interface eXperience
  • all MS Access® functionality & way beyond
  • cloud services for their power & ease of support
  • html clients for ease of deployment
  • a common standard for all our projects
    Enables our developers to easily take over from one-another

Our common sense zero-risk approach

Business applications follows a proven methodology to handle your software conversion.

That keeps you in full control, at a price you can afford, and see to your long term support

  • Minimum risk
  • Start with a free assessment
  • Short term quick results
  • Control every single step of the process
  • Evolve over time
  • A team of professionals guarantees rock-solid long term support

2 steps to conversion.
3 steps to grow your business.


Assess & quote

Free assessment & price quote

You send us your database. At the same time, we send you a non -disclosure agreement to assure your data is kept safe.

We assess the database & source code, determine complexity by analysing its structure , presence or lack of integrity rules, number of forms, queries, batch processes & reports.

You receive our fixed-price estimate of the technical conversion


Technical conversion

Develop & deliver at fixed price

Upon your approval, our developers start the fixed price conversion.

The database structure will be re-defined in SQL Server & its data migrated ready for delivery

Using our BA-Core framework™, we redesign the MS Access® forms and its entire GUI

Finally, queries, reports & analyses will be converted, all following the list agreed upon

You are now ready to go with the new application!



Enhance code to improve maintainability

“Code refactoring is the process of restructuring existing computer code—changing the factoring—without changing its external behaviour.

Refactoring is intended to improve non-functional attributes of the software.

Advantages include improved code readability and reduced complexity; these can improve source-code maintainability and create a more expressive internal architecture or object model to improve extensibility.”

See code refactoring at Wikipedia

Refactoring is performed following suggestions after detailed analysis by our developers, experienced thru step 2 – technical conversion.

You decide on if, when and how much time & effort to spend



Expanding functions & UX

Your application might eventually benefit from further development, more particular with regard to

  • Extra functions inspired by new use cases
  • Extra validations & rules
  • Database structure
  • User interface structure
  • Batch & background management systems

As with step 3, the effort & time to spend is entirely upon your discretion

Remodelling should not be a one-time effort.
As your organisation grows, an agile approach permits to gradually evolve over time.

You again determine if, when and how much time & effort to spend



On-going support

With the business applications helpdesk ticketing system, you can raise issues at any time.

Issues are handled according to the service level agreement, as well as the criticality of the issue – which you determine yourself.

Apart from urgent issues that directly affect your business short term, you can also raise requests for new functions or modules to your application

Thanks our helpdesk with rock-solid SLA, you rest assured of continued support!

At every single step, you carefully balance needs & budget.
You start at a fixed price & gradually continue, always in control of the expense!
You rest assured of unrivalled professional support, as your app continues to evolve over time

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