Logistics planning with route optimisation

For fleet owners & organisations performing last mile deliveries, field services, waste collection, multi-deliveries trips, etc

From a few dozen to hundreds of consignments & tasks, the businapps planning tool returns highly optimised trips or routing plans.
Compared to manual planning, optimised plans reduce driving time & costs by up to 15 percent or more.

With its state of the art features, the planning app can cope with the most complex requirements Customised to your specific business, it is ideal for fleet owners and field service departments large and small

Effective planning thru a proven optimiser

Our tool is feature complete & marks an unrivaled user experience

  • accepts all conceivable constraints – such as time windows or special requirements.
  • flexibility in applying or overruling constraints & parameters
  • real time calculation of every relevant aggregate continuously exposes the overall outcome, such as total time & cost

Effectively handles your real-world requirements
Modify routes manually & evaluate the overall outcome

Ultra-flexible import & configuration

  • Up & running in minutes
  • Rule based & Ai driven import tool
  • Starting today from your list of tomorrow’s tasks
  • 100% open interface - imports or exports anything & everything
    Seamless interface with all ERP or TMS system in place
  • Permits imports from one-time, over recurring batch imports, to absolutely real-time two-way syncing
  • Manually administer any information - in case imports insufficient

Get up & running today, save every day thereafter

Empowered by industry leading optimisation logic

  • Empowered by the most advanced & proven optimisation logic, best of industry
    Achieves unmatched savings
  • Powered by Europe’s largest cloud based server array
    Results in ultra-fast response

Combines best of industry optimisation with an ultra-fast response time

Cloud solution, subscription based, trial today

  • No up-front cost, zero investment
  • Zero cost operations
  • With a trial subscription & start going today

No-hassle, no-risk, accessible & affordable

Customised with more to come

  • Custom add-ins provide insight into your transactions, orders, despatches, client information.
    Ideal for fleet owners & field service providers
  • Real-time monitoring & control module enables your fleet management to manage on-going logistics

Evolves with your business & the logistics industry

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