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E‑Commerce that effectively guides customers on their purchase path

A careful marketing analysis is our starting point, focussing on how your customer comes to a purchase decision

It is about your unique selling proposition, identifying current trends & essential features, outlining product groups, etc, so as to shape the most meaningful online presence

We use nopCommerce to turn your requirements into perfect shape.
nopCommerce is the superb E‑Commerce collection of building bricks. We evaluate & suggest the most appropriate ones to choose from.

Where relevant, some custom design & development further shapes & nails your online presence

Unique Selling Proposition

An analysis of the features that

  • identify your unique selling proposition
  • focus on current trends

These features will

  • define your entry page
  • push your usp to social media & search engines
  • complement product group pages
  • fit along your target market segments

Your USP inspires to a compelling E‑Commerce presence

Product categories, features, groups & relations

Analyse & group products, categories & features

  • Define major & minor categories

    Ease the purchase process & expose relevant trendy features

  • Essential features

    For each group, list essential features.
    Used to filter & sort products, related to product categories

  • Secondary features

    For each group, list essential features.
    Secondary features appear on product pages, but remain descriptive

  • Group products by common properties

    Group by e.g. size & colour to avoids endless lists of similar products

  • Create solutions by grouping complementary products

    Complementary products follow purchase of primary products
    Split primary from complementary products & relate both
    Create packages, i.e. entire solutions where individual products do not suffice

Boost your sales by easing customers purchase process

Lego blocks & custom builds

nopCommerce is the E‑Commerce platform of choice
It comes out of the box with an endless set of building blocks

Begin open source, it has an exceptional user base & and offers an unrivalled set of third party add-ons, it offers an extraordinary set of features

Completed with our custom design & professional .NET development, it can meet any requirement

Some of its many features include:

  • Flexible pricing

    • Discounts, gift cards & coupons

    • Flexible & adapted pricing, optimised for different groups of customers
      or entirely custom designed pricing rules

    • Rental products, recurring products

    • Shipping features include flexible calculation mechanism, estimate shipping rates, pickup points, package slips & popular shipping carriers

    • Featured & sale products
  • Shipment & stock management

    • Separate physical stock and available quantities. Manage backorder & pre-order status. Support multiple warehouses, partial deliveries, & stock management
    • Shipping features include flexible calculation mechanism, estimate shipping rates, pickup points, package slips & popular shipping carriers
    • Organise returns management
  • Payment systems

    • Choice from a wide array of payment providers
    • From local & global payment systems, selected depending on target market
  • Customer service

    • User wishlist
    • Order history & status
    • E-mail order confirmation
    • Internal or external authentication
    • One-page checkout & anonymous checkout

Efficiently turns your requirements into reality

Social media & marketing

Aspects of social media & marketing management include:

  • Internal content posts

    Supports news, blog, forums, polls, …

  • Organise social media feeds

    Publish, schedule & analyse posts to selected platforms - Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter

  • Ads Manager

    Centralised & optimised Ad management + analytics, integrating transaction & revenue analysis

  • Search engine optimisation

    Friendly & localized URLs , meta tags management to underline the product context , crawlable & optimised urls

  • Newsletters

    Distribution of emails - with scheduling & follow-up analysis

  • Product reviews

    Collect & publish ratings, automatically send purchase related emails, handling feedback & analysis

Effectively focus your target market

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