Mission critical mobile apps
for logistics & field services

Custom apps for fleet owners & field services organisations

ikoMobile™ is the clever mobile app for fleet owners & field service providers. Customised to suit the needs of your business, it empowers vehicle drivers & service technicians on the frontline. So the app fullfils all your data processing needs at remote sites & in between.

A thoughtful analysis of your on site business needs is essential to its success.
That is where we concentrate our initial efforts, so we can carefully design the app to shape it to your needs.

At its core, ikoMobile™ features a synchronisation system, serving mission critical applications with ease.

Customised business application

  • ikoMobile™ integrates all aspects of on site services
  • Aspects include logistics, order processing, customer relationship, supply chain considerations, technical field services, equipment management, etc
  • Some of the many functions can include:
    • registration of services, deliveries or collections performed on site
    • signalling customer expected time of arrival
    • customer enquiry handling; customer confirmations & response
    • streaming information back & forth to ERP & CRM
    • automatic creation & messaging of legal documents
    • processing service checklists
    • lookup of equipment maintenance information
    • site & container packaging & loading checklists
  • Fully customised to your business, its design starts with a structured business analysis

Directly affects your business' efficiency & effectiveness

Exploit smartphone features

Applications exploit any of an almost endless list of smartphone features, such as:

  • Image capturing & document processing
    Register & assign images or documents to transactions
    Consult site & customer history
  • Communications features, sending & receiving messages, or signaling events or to-do actions to field workers
    Instant communication between central management & remote users
  • High precision GPS tracking of device
    Replaces dedicated geo-tracking devices
    Facilitates traceability of services Á reports real-time vehicle position

Maps your business needs to state-of-the-art technology

Syncing Message Bus

  • Streams information from and to your ERP/TMS/… or any office back-end system
    Works with periodic batches, or asynchronously - i.e. almost instantly - with central transactions
  • Buffers information on our syncing service. Syncing forwards information to appropriate Mobile devices
  • Mobile hardware can be replaced instantly.
    Syncing service bringing devices up to date in seconds
  • Devices have full autonomy for up to 48 hours
    Central office systems can be maintained & serviced independently
  • Devices communicate with Syncing Message Bus when possible, but continue to operate if necessary
    Your App operates independent from network connections or central systems

Always operational: unparalleled 99.9+% reliability suitable
Ideal for mission critical field operations

Device management & dedicated rugged hardware

  • Apps run on all Android version 7+
    Works on popular general purpose smartphones, either primarily or as backup
  • Ideally works with ikoSmart™: dedicated, rugged & industrial hardware for increased reliability
  • Custom Android device management on ikoSmart™ facilitates central configuration and control over Android devices

Unrivalled reliability guaranteed

Time monitoring

  • Sign in & out
    Time monitoring uses sign in & out to enforce time & performance tracking
  • Functional tracking of performance
    Assigning time status in relation to driving & order execution
    System registers relevant status to time intervals, e.g. driving time, waiting time, servicing, ...

Facilitates performance evaluation & payroll systems

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